Tai Chi Nation Weekend Retreats at Dartington

Tai Chi Nation at Dartington

Tai Chi Nation run regular Tai Chi and Qigong weekend retreats at Dartington Space. Totnes Passivhaus Bed and Breakfast is conveniently located between the retreat venue on the Dartington Estate and Totnes Station.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a dynamic form of moving meditation which helps bring about calm and peace of mind whilst gently exercising the whole body. It stresses the principles of relaxation and yielding, and the cultivation of inner strength and harmony of both body and mind. The practice of this art brings us into balance with ourselves and those around us. It is a form of “inner” martial art.


Qigong means “to work with energy” and is generally a term applied to exercises designed to relax the body and focus the mind. The benefits of Qigong are similar to those of Tai Chi and can include:

    • increased relaxation
    • reduction in stress
    • improved breathing
    • enhanced co-ordination

Find out more on the Tai Chi Nation ® website: www.taichination.com.

Tai Chi Nation